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This MVC Web Application was developed to show others who I am, and what I do, specifically software development. It is meant to showcase my skills both directly and indirectly through the visitor's use of the application, and to serve as a repository for my profile information, portfolio, and resume. It also serves as a direct means of contacting me through its interactive contact form. Visitors can use this form to send me an inquiry at any time.

I hope you enjoy browsing this application as much as I did creating it. It is meant to be a testament to my skill in software development, and I hope it stands out as such.

~ Dustin Moses, creator


This application was built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012 for the database work. Total time to complete this application was approximately 30 hours.

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.NET Framework
ADO.NET Entities
CSS 3.0

This application makes use of other specific features, including:

  • ASP.NET Membership Security
  • ASP.NET Profiles
  • Internal Exception Handling
  • .NET Mail Delivery
  • Telerik MVC Extensions
  • LINQ
  • ... and much more!