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Even from an early age, Dustin Moses quickly stole the spotlight in the information technology world with his brilliant and unique mind. At age 11, he built his first program; at age 13, his first website; and at age 15, his first computer. While in high school, he co-founded the "tech club" – the first ever technology-oriented activity club in the school’s history. By his senior year, he was already teaching basic computing classes for his hometown of Germantown, Ohio.

After high school, Dustin went out to explore his great nation – traveling wherever he could, whenever he could, and learning a great deal along the way about America’s history and her diverse culture. After his return home, he enrolled in college and graduated from Wright State University.

At the age of 21, with the world at the apex of the Internet Boom, Dustin starts his career in information technology by taking the reins of a local company’s website. Since then, his career has flourished and Dustin is proud to have done his part in the ushering in today’s era of information and computing, by creating smarter software, advancing database concepts, and, ultimately, furthering the United States as the world’s technological superpower.